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Fibreglass/Fiberglass Grating Features

Fibreglass grating has an enhanced ascetic appearance. It is easy to install, non magnetic and can act as a thermal insulator. It is maintenance free, but should the grating be damaged due to an accident, it is easy to repair.

Non corrosive and high strength

Fibreglass moulded grating provides excellect corrosion resistance as well as a high tensile strength. When a weight is applied to the grating bars, the load is transferred to the adjoining bars assisting in the the load distribution and hence giving it a very high strength. Access holes, although they may cause a slight additional deflection, do not weaken the the panel nor do they necessarily require extra support.

Corrosion resistant

Due to fibreglass being corrosion resistant, it has an indefinite life span.

Slip resistant

During the moulding process, a concave meniscus is created on the surface. This, together with the spacing between the between bars, as well as quartz stone grit surface, gives it extremely good traction. In addition to the non-slip surface, the quartz stone protects the surface from damage caused by falling objects. This surface is also extremely effective in icy conditions.

Impact resistant

Fibreglass grating will deflect with impact from a relitavely heavy weight and return to its orriginal position, unlike metal grating which may remain bent under the same impact.


The fibreglass grating is light weight and easy to cut.

Strength to weight ratio

Strength to weight ratio is only one fourth of that of steel grating The bi-directional mechanical properties adds strength to the grating.